Thursday, February 02, 2006

Voltaire Brothers
I Sing the Booty Electric

All the young turks who've been led like horses to water to the Detroit garage scene by the White Stripes should note: None of this would be possible without Mick Collins, truly a brother from another planet, the Prince of the lo-fi shit-rock jet-set. For the past decade, Collins has been putting out gloriously primitive super-blammo garage-punk shake bamalama under a variety of guises--the Gories, Blacktop, the Dirtbombs and the King Sound Quartet--for boutique labels operating on a shoestring just under the radar. His latest project in a career spent defining the get-down imperative is the Voltaire Brothers, which specializes in money-shot wah-wah jungle boogie, dirty bongwater soul and bubble-butt funkadelica. I Sing the Booty Electric is a bawdy black party record like the kind the Beasties used to sample. You know, the one where the guy says: "If it's gonna be that kind of a party, I'll put my dick in the mashed potatoes." Bring beer.


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